Tuesday, August 26, 2014

USB cable 2014 'back and forth' Coming Soon

USB cable 2014 'back and forth' Coming Soon
USB cable 2014 'back and forth' Coming Soon
Cable and USB devices can only be plugged in the correct orientation. If the "head" upside down, we can be sure the cable or the device will not connect to the connector.

Later it may just be a memory of the past as the USB Promoter Group as the creator of the USB standard has finished developing a new type of USB connector that can be plugged in without the need to follow a certain orientation.

According to news reported by Extreme Tech, USB connector named "Type-C" was already fully developed and ready for mass production. USB Type-C is estimated to already begin to emerge within the foreseeable future.

In addition to the connector head that can "back and forth", USB cable, Type-C also will have the same connector on both ends, making it easier to use.

Users will no longer need to deal with two different size connectors, such as USB cable now. The head of the USB connector Type-C size approximately equal to the Micro-USB connector.

USB Type-C is not compatible with previous USB standards, but an adapter can be used to connect a cable or a USB Type-C connector to the old type.

In addition koenktor a more simplified, USB Type C which has a 18 pin contacts also have a very high data transfer speeds, up to 10 Gbps.

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