Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BlackBerry OS 10.2 OS Mobile World's Best

BlackBerry OS 10.2 OS Mobile World's Best
BlackBerry OS 10.2 OS Mobile World's Best
BlackBerry back to announce the achievement etched by his own mobile operating system.

A tech magazine with the best-selling sales in India, Digit, stating that the BlackBerry operating system 10.2 lined up as the 'Best Mobile Operating System in the World' (The World Best Mobile OS).

Employees Digit tests the performance of the BlackBerry Operating System 10.2 OS, Android 4.4, iOS 7.1.2 and Windows Phone Operating System 8.1. BlackBerry Operating System 10.2 overall lead with a rating of 56.91, the highest among the latest Operating System available on the market today. BlackBerry Operating System 10.2 is also considered as the best Operating System for electronic mail (email), contact management (contact management), outgoing calls (calling), photography, search (search) and video.

"This is the most thorough test we've ever done, by spending more than 400 hours of labor (man-hours), check carefully for thousands of individual parameters for each Operating System, to obtain accurate results and answer questions' Best Mobile Operating System in world and different from the others? 'to surpass 5 of the 10 categories we tested, the BlackBerry Operating System 10.2 worthy of being a winner, "said Robert Sovereign-Smith, Executive Editor, Digit.

Trial comparing the performance of the Operating System that lasted for a month, according to some Operating System capabilities include browsing, electronic mail (e-mail), the message (messaging), settings and adjustments (settings and customization), contact management (managing contacts) and call out (calling), photography, notifications, lock screen capabilities, search (search) and video recording (video capture).

"We are very pleased with the results of this test, because it is a testament to the commitment of BlackBerry in presenting the best experience for the customer, without compromise," said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director, BlackBerry India.

"BlackBerry Operating System 10.2 is designed with a solid foundation, giving customers a number of innovative features such as the BlackBerry Hub, to help them become more productive at work and elsewhere.

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