Tuesday, August 26, 2014

SSD AMD Radeon Sale Start 1.2 Million

SSD AMD Radeon Sale Start 1.2 Million
SSD AMD Radeon Sale Start 1.2 Million
AMD is known as a manufacturer of processor chips and graphics cards.

Later, the company expanded its business to enter the data storage device through models of solid state drive (SSD) under the Radeon brand R7.

SSDs are flash memory based storage medium that is much faster than conventional hard disks.

Based on the written information received by Kompas Tekno, SSD AMD's products are made in cooperation with OCZ, SSD manufacturer owned by Toshiba.

SSD Radeon R7 offered in three capacities, namely 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB. All three have a maximum read speed of 550 MB per second and write speeds in the range of 500 per second.

SSD controller used for this is the Barefoot 3 M00 that supports AES-256 bit encryption. Radeon SSD uses NAND flash from Toshiba A19 and consumes only 2.7 watts of power during operation.

For Indonesia, the price for the 120 GB models pegged at USD 1.2 million, while the model 240 GB and 480 GB, respectively priced at Rp 2 million and Rp 3.5 million.

Radeon SSD products is positioned as a device enthusiast between Vector and Vertex series SSD from OCZ. AMD steps to follow its competitors into the storage business, Intel, which had already produced the SSD.

Source : Kompas.com

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